About Christina

Christina Turner Ward

Certified Transformational Life Coach

Certified Dream Builder Coach

Award Winning NJ Wedding Officiant


My Background

 I consider myself to be very fortunate and I am so grateful to have my health, my family and this amazing work.

As a New Jersey Wedding Officiant I have 10 years of fun and joyful experience with hundreds of couples, co-creating unique, warm and personal wedding ceremonies!  

 As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I started Spirit Wisdom Coaching. My passion is leading life affirming workshops and one on one and group coaching programs, including "The Dream Builder Success Program and my own "Change Your Frequency/Change Your Life Program". I am proud and humbled that I am thought of as a caring, intuitive counselor and spiritual coach. 

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I work with critically injured, in trauma, and cancer patients as part of my service.  

My Values

My spiritual path embraces these values:  
 We are all One
  Practice Unconditional Loving Kindness,    

                  Gratitude & Forgiveness               

  LIVE in the Present Moment
 We all possess unlimited creative potential
 Do the Right Thing

 Always maintain a Sense of Humor!